The initial development of Dongguan Texman Textile Technology Co., Ltd. products was focused on knitted fabric dyeing. Later, the company diversified its application areas, expanding to cover other sectors such as pre-treatment, garment and denim dyeing, as well as finishing. 

We started our operations in Guangdong Province, China in 2015 and currently we are expanding into the South Asian market. Our factories are situated in Dongguan City, and in Jiangsu Province.

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Moreover, a Branch Company in Hong Kong, known as Hong Kong Texman Textile Technology Co., Ltd. This entity primarily handles responsibilities related to R&D as well as product evaluation.

Our exclusive focus lies in providing economic and high-quality textile solutions for dyeing and finishing, including special finishes. Our primary aim is to ensure the complete satisfaction of our customers. We owe our success to our highly experienced team in the chemical sector, the thorough preparation and training of our technical staff, and our commitment to constant innovation in products for the textile industry.


Our mission is to provide reliable and accurate information to assist individuals in making smart decisions.    


We are committed to the development of innovation and technology.


We deeply engage with our customers, understanding their needs and aspirations


We consider ourselves an integral part of our customers' progress and the realization of their objectives.


Our aim is to offer our customers comprehensive solutions for textile dyeing and finishing products. We take pride in ensuring that our products comply with MRSL requirements, and we are registered on the ZDHC Gateway. Additionally, we hold certifications from Intertek and GOTS, confirming our commitment to providing environment friendly products.

DG Texman Textile Technology Co.Ltd
Green & Certified Chemistry

Pretreatment Series

At Texman, we understand the critical role of textile pretreatment in achieving optimal results throughout the textile processing chain. Our comprehensive range of cutting-edge chemical solutions is designed to address the diverse needs of...

the industry, ensuring efficient preparation for subsequent dyeing, printing, and finishing processes. our commitment is to provide innovative and sustainable chemical solutions that empower the textile industry. Explore our comprehensive range of pretreatment chemicals to elevate your textile production and achieve outstanding results in every step of the process.

Dyeing Series

Elevate your textiles with the transformative power of color. We have a comprehensive range of textile dyes that not only meet but exceed industry standards. Explore the world of endless color possibilities and create textiles that leave a lasting impression...

And off course we prioritize sustainability. Our eco-friendly dyeing solutions not only deliver outstanding color performance but also adhere to environmentally conscious practices. Minimize environmental impact without compromising on quality.

Finishing Series

Our range of textile finishing chemicals is designed to redefine excellence, providing textile manufacturers with the tools to enhance fabric properties, appearance, and performance.From softening to water repellency, our cutting-edge...

solutions cover a spectrum of finishing needs to elevate your textiles to new heights.

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