Reactive Dyes    

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Trichromatic Combination for light Shades with High Fastnesses Properties

  •  Particularly for medium and light shades
  •  Compared with ordinary dyes, and their light fastness to be        clearly higher
  •   Get good compatibility and leveling property
Trichromatic Combination with Excellent Compatibility

  •  Excellent compatibility,
  •  Excellent washing and rubbing fastnesses
  •  Trichromatic have Excellent reproducibility
Trichromatic Combination with Excellent Compatibility

  •  Very good compatibility, medium and low substantivity, Low       Sensitivity forExhaustion Dyeing
  •  Excellent washing and rubbing fastnesses
  •  Especially in the light colour Trichromatic have Excellent       reproducibility thancommodities
  •  Controlled Reaction hence excellent Levelling

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Deep Shades ED Series

Ultra-high strength dyes dyed deep with good, especially suitablfor dyeing dark and speeial dark

Good compatibility. good stability process

Will still have a good dyeing dark wash and rubbing fastness.

Comprehensive low cost.good economic

  •   Amazole Reactive Scarlet ED-G has solved the dveing dark
          red, the shade of the brightness, as well asironing, washing
         and rubbing fastness of the problerm
  •  Amazole Reactive Dark Red ED-4B in the dark series,
         showing the best of washing and rubbing fastnes.
  •  Amazole Reactive Orange ED-3R has good, dveing depth,
         excellent washing and rubbing fastness
  •  With ultra-hiah intensity AmBlack ED-G(blue) Amazole
         Reactive Black Super Jet Black300% (red) color matchina
         to fight, able to meet the reguirements of the different dark
         black, their washinoand rubbing fastness of the more
         traditional black dve has increase

  •  Recommended medium and deep Trichromatic combination
  •  Recommended very deep Trichromatic combinatior
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    Deep Shades HS Series

    •  Economic dyes with excellent build up in, especially suitable         for dyeing in the dark and special dark

    •  Excellent compatibility and leveling, which is suitable for
              Exhaust Dveina, hank, bobbin varn dip dveino clearly higher

    •   Better reproducibility than ordinary dyes

    •   Excellent color buildup, deep shades with wash and rubbing

    •   Recommended medium and dark Shades Trichromatic

    •   Recommended very deep Trichromatic combination

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    Medium Temperature Reactive Dyes

    Wide range of color, good substantivity

    High performance, economical and controlled reaction

    Variety of dyes with special functions, for dyeing and printing industry to deal with common complex troubles to provide effective solutions

    Amazole Reactive Yellow M-5R relatively bright vellow

    Amazole Reactive Red GD, Amazole Reactive Red 2GF special bright red, irparticular suitable for dyeing bright light red with good perspiration and lightfastness

    Amazole Reactive Blue RSP excellent stability of the salinity and alkali, ablto effectively prevent precipitation caused by dye color points and color bar

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    Medium Temperature Reactive Dyes

        Amazole Reactive Blue

        Better compatibility and     perspiration light  

        Amazole Reactive Blue                         BFN
         Better compatibility than the     traditional tir-colors blue     (#194 blue)

        Amazole Reactive Blue BB
        High light fastness shadecircles in between the blueand brilliant blue,     in the nylon/cottonsilk/cotton blended fabric dyeing,     smalle"competition dyed"phenomenon

        Amazole Reactive Blue BRF
        High Light fastness, shade circles inbetween the blue and brilliant     blue

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    Bi-Functional Group D Series

    • Single component, multiple tri-chrome combination, excellent     performanceunder different dyeing conditions and machine              change for same tri-chrome combination

    •  Has good compatibility, levelness and reproducibility

    •  Very high build up and fixation yield, to achieve best
             economical shades

    •  Overall excellent dyeing fastness

    •  Recommended Trichromatic combination

    •  Recommended very deep Trichromatic combination

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    Bi-Functional Group HE Series

    •  Excellent of the high-temperature (80 C) dyes, process stability

    •  Dyeing with good reproducibility

    •  Excellent leveling

    •  Good permeability and diffuse, shade buildup

    •  Excellent alkali stability, dye selection for post-mercerization

    Continuous Dyeing 

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    Deep Shades ED-P Series

       dyed brown, coffee, gray,   olive green and othersensitive   and difficult to dye color, can   effectively controlthe shade

      High-intensity dyes, dyed deep   with good, suitable fordyeing in   the dark and special

      Excellent washing and rubbing   fastness for dork dyeing

      Very good compatibility, low   substantivity, for padding

       Specially developed Amazole Reactive Turquoise ED-P, Amazole    Reactive Brill BlueED-P with a good stability of the salinity,    effectively overcome the color point, thecolor article and the color    fade problem

       Amazole Reactive Scarlet ED-P has solved the dyeing dark red, the    shade of thebrightness, as well as ironing, washing and rubbing    fastness of the problem

       Amazole Reactive Dark Red ED-PN in the dark series, showing the    best of washingand rubbing fastness

         Amazole Reactive Gray ED-P good light fastness, under the standard    light sourceto be Little color change

       Amazole Reactive Ultra-High Intensity Black ED-G (blue) Black    ED-R (red) get to themost ideal black/p>

    !! Continuous Dyeing  !!

    Deep Shades EGB Series

    •  Economical reactive dyes, particularly for deep shades

    •  Excellent build up in deep shade, low recipe costs

    •  Better reproducibility than commodities

    •  Cost-effective minimal colour inconstancy

    •  Deepest black shade achievable

    •  Variety application in continuous dyeing and pad-batch
           dyeingand exhaustion dyeing etc.

    !! Continuous Dyeing  !!

    Trichromatic Combination Properties

      Trichromatic Combination with high fastnesses KHL Series

    •  Particularly for medium and lightshades
    •  Compared with ordinary dyes,andtheir light fastness to be
          clearly higher
    •  Get good compatibility and leveling property
    • Trichromatic Combination with   Excellent  compatibilit  KHL  Series

    •  Very good compatibility, low substantivity,or padding
    •  Excellent washing and rubbingfastness
    •  Between the different dyes toreplace,Under the standard
           lightsource to be little color change

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